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header and the sideshow is some of my artwork
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Urbanrose Photography for the blog template helps!
What a lifesaver she has been!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Flipboard App and Pocket App

These are 2 of my favorite go to everyday apps. They are where my daily fix of reading material comes from. It helps too that they both allow screens is photo viewing as well.

With the Pocket App I simply install a code to my bookmarks then when I see something of interest I return to that bookmark. Click to save for future reading later. Easy peasy!

Flipboard is like your own personal magazine created by you. You choose your content. You choose where the content sits on the page and even choose which page will have which content. Wonderfully practical and able to be changed as your interests change. I do not choose the list view but it is available. My first 2 pages from my flipboard are included below as an example. My main interests are photography and art. Any interest you may add to yours.

These 2 apps are really worth having and you will find yourself reading more since the material is based on your choices.