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Friday, January 4, 2013

Been there, done that .....

But done a bit differently this time. I downloaded a stock photo from fontplay.com to process in a few new iPad apps. This time my artsy painting like outcome was achieved without a PC or Photoshop. I took the photo and cycled through the possible presets in Portrait HD app. The preset Portrait 1 was my final choice.

I saved the image back to the camera roll then opened it in the Photocopier App. So many I liked there. I chose Carpaccio after much playing. I again saved to camera roll.

The collage was created using The Picframe App set to 2400 x 2400.


I am very satisfied with the results and will use these apps again .... Maybe even often.

Photo: fontplay.com

Apps: Portrait HD, Photocopier, PicFrame