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Monday, January 14, 2013

Blending 2 photos together on iPad 3

Today I played with merging photos together using iPad apps. Actually, I was up last night playing till 3 AM because it was soooooo much fun. :). I went to SXC.hu and found 2 graphic illustrations that I thought might make some really nice artsy cards.

I loved the sentimentality of the above.
There is just something about this leafy image that looks like it could have potential for many uses so I took it as well.
My favorite goto app for using 2 images for merging is Blender. Whatever the size of the bottom layer will be your finished size. It is best to figure out which image is bigger if you need a large size and load it on the left. For this finished artsy piece I used the leave photo rotated so the black box was to the left as it appears above.
On the right side I loaded the boy and his cat image. Once loaded I clicked the arrange button until I was able to rotate the image until the boys head was by the black box and pinched the photo to stretch it to fit snugly above the bottom layer.

I played with the blend setting In the Blender App to find one I liked and saved my newly created image project. The words "Friends" was added with "Text on Photo" (iPad version). Easy Peasy and purdy.

I enjoyed playing so much that I took the finished photo into another IPad app "Wordfoto" and created a new fun version of the ecard ....

A side note whenever I want to compare sizing and check for poor resolution from app saves I pull my finished projects into Vintique. On the bottom of the first screen you pull your photo in the image size is displayed.

Reminder: sizing checks are important between apps because some apps save at very poor resolutions that are not good for printing. The app Big Photo is a help at increasing photo size on the iPad but only to increase the image some. So ...... be careful using new apps until you verify how well they save your finished project.